Newspapers in Hitchcock's Movies

The Lodger (1925/1927)

In the beginning of the film we follow the whole process of how a newpaper article is being written.
Hitchcock is seen sitting at a desk in the newsroom.

Hitchcock cameo in The Lodger

The Lodger has collected newspaper articles about The Avenger's murders.


Heiress Betty (Betty Balfour) draws the ire of her father (Gordon Harker) after using his airplane to fly to her boyfriend (Jean Braden) on an ocean liner headed to France. The father reads about this in a newspaper.

Champagne, Alfred Hitchcock


The actors Edward and Doucebelle "Doucie" Markham are advertising that they are available for new theatre projects.

The 39 Steps

newspaper story in The 39 Steps


39 Steps, newspaper

A newspaper is revealing Hanney's true identity twice. First on the train, then when he is staying on the farm near Alt-na-Shellach, Scotland.

Secret Agent

Ashenden reads about his own fake death in the newspaper.
A montage sequence almost at the end of the film shows archive footage from World War 1 with double exposed newspaper articles about the development

secret agent double exposure


Barry Kane (Saboteur, 1942) shows the villains in Soda City a newspaper identifying him as the saboteur. Newspapers in Hitchcock movies often reveal a person's identity.

Shadow of a Doubt

newspaper, Shadow of a Doubt

In Shadow of a Doubt the newspapers play an important role. Here Uncle Charlie reads about the search for the serial killer in Joe's paper. He makes a house of the newspaper to remove the article without drwing attention to it.

But a climax in the film occurs when Little Charlie discovers the truth about uncle Charlie reading a newspaper article at the library.


Hitchcock's cameo appears as an ad for men's suits

To Catch a Thief

Robie's black cat is lying on the sofa right next to a newspaper telling about Robie being suspected of committing the recent jewel robberies on the Riviera.

North by Northwest

North by Northwest

Roger Thornhill hits the newspaper front pages after Lester Townsend is killed in the UN building.


North by Northwest.


Philippe Dubois (Roscoe Lee Browne) takes the identity of a black journalist from Ebony, sneaks into the Cuban embassy, manages to take photos of some of the important documents and then runs away, chased by Cuban revolutionaries.

Family Plot

Fran shows Adamson the newspaper article telling about Maloney's death.


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