Dogs in Hitchcock Movies

The Pleasure Garden

The dog named Cuddles is a recurring motif throughout the film being a reflection of the persons' state of mind or serving as a comment to what is happening

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Betty's dog runs out to cause the ski jumper falling

The 39 Steps

Three dogs are creating problems for the police when thy try to capture Hannay on the train

Secret Agent

Ashenden accidentally kicks Mr. Caypor's (Percy Marmont) dog in the hotel lobby.
When Mr Caypor is killed by the Peter Lorre character, the dog is whining in a very overplayed, melodramatic scene.

Young and Innocent

Erica's (Nova Pilbeam) dog is guarding Erica while Tisdall goes to look for Old Will.


Maxim de Winter (Laurence Olivier) has a dog called Jasper.

dog in Rebecca

The dog guarding Rebecca's room.

Foreign Correspondent

The leader of the Peace Party (Herbert Marshall ) has a grand danois
On the wall where the kidnappers are keeping Van Meer in London there is a painting of a dog


The blind man has a dog.

Strangers on a Train

The dog in the stairs creates suspense when Guy (Farley Granger) goes to talk to Bruno's father.

Rear Window

Dead dog, Rear Window

The dog finds something in the flowers and is killed by Thorwald (Raymond Burr).

The Birds

As Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) enters the pet shop, Hitch is leaving with two white Sealyham terriers.


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Original Title

International Titles

The Pleasure Garden

German: Irrgarten der Leidenschaft

Italian: Il giardino del piacere

French: Le Jardin d'Agrément

The Mountain Eagle

German: Der Bergadler

Italian: L'aquila della montagna

French:L'Aigle de la Montagne

The Lodger
aka: The Case of Jonathan Drew (U.S.)

Italian: Il pensionante

French: Les Cheveux d'Or

Norwegian: Hvem?


Italian: Il declino

French: La Pente / Downhill

Easy Virtue

Italian: Virtù facile

French: Le passé ne meurt pas

The Ring

Italian: Vinci per me

French: Le Masque de cuir

Norwegian: Ringen

The Farmer’s Wife

Italian: La moglie del fattore

French: Laquelle des trois?


Italian: Tabarin di lusso

French: À l'américaine / Champagne

The Manxman

Italian: L'isola del peccato

French: The Manxman

Norwegian: Manxman


German: Erpressung

Italian: Ricatto

French: Chantage

Norwegian: Alice White-saken

Juno and the Paycock
aka: The Shame of Mary Boyle

Italian: Giunone e il pavone

French: Junon et le paon


German: Sir John greift ein
(German version: Mary)

Italian: Omicidio!

French: Meurtre

The Skin Game

German: Bis auf's Messer

Italian: Fiamma d'amore

French: The Skin Game

Number Seventeen

German: Nummer Siebzehn

Italian: Numero diciassette

French: Numéro dix-sept

Rich and Strange

German: Endlich sind wir reich

Italian: Ricco e strano

French: À l'est de Shanghai

Waltzes from Vienna
Strauss Great Waltz (U.S. title)

Italian: Vienna di Strauss

French: Le Chant du Danube

The Man Who Knew Too Much

German: Der Mann, der zuviel wußte

Italian: L'uomo che sapeva troppo

French: L'Homme qui en savait trop

The 39 Steps

German: 39 Stufen

Italian: Il club dei trentanove

French: Les 39 Marches

Norwegian: Mannen som visste alt

Secret Agent

German: Geheimagent

Italian: L'agente segreto

French: Quatre de l'espionnage

Norwegian: Hemmelige agenter


Italian: Sabotaggio

French: Agent secret

Norwegian: London i fare

Young and Innocent
aka: The Girl Was Young (U.S. title)

German: Jung und unschuldig

Italian: Giovane e innocente

French: Jeune et innocent

Norwegian: Ung og uskyldig

The Lady Vanishes

German: Eine Dame verschwindet

Italian: La signora scompare

French: Une femme disparaît

Norwegian: En kvinne forsvinner

Jamaica Inn

German: Riff-Piraten / Die Taverne von Jamaika

Italian: La taverna della Giamaica

French: La Taverne de la Jamaïque

Norwegian: Jamaica-kroen


German: Rebecca / Rebekka

Italian: Rebecca, la prima moglie

French: Rebecca

Norwegian: Rebecca

Foreign Correspondent

German: Mord

Italian: Il prigioniero di Amsterdam

French: Correspondant 17

Norwegian: Kriminalreporter Jones (Utenrikskorrespondenten)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

German: Mr. und Mrs. Smith

Italian: Il signore e la signora Smith

French: Joies matrimoniales

Norwegian: Like barn leker best


German: Verdacht

Italian: Il sospetto

French: Soupçons

Norwegian: Mistanke


German: Saboteure

Italian: Sabotatori

French: La Cinquième colonne

Norwegian: Sabotør

Shadow of a Doubt

German: Im Schatten des Zweifels

Italian: L'Ombre d'un doute

French: L'ombra del dubbio

Norwegian: I tvilens skygge


German: Das Rettungsboot

Italian: Prigionieri dell'oceano

French: Lifeboat

Norwegian: Livbåt


German: Ich kämpfe um Dich

Italian: Io ti salverò

French: La Maison du docteur Edwardes

Norwegian: Trollbundet


German: Berüchtigt
(Weißes Gift)

Italian: Notorious, l'amante perduta

French: Les Enchaînés

Norwegian: Notorious

The Paradine Case

German: Der Fall Paradin

Italian: Il caso Paradine

French: Le Procès Paradine

Norwegian: Sannheten om mrs. Paradine


German: Cocktail für eine Leiche

Italian: Nodo alla gola

French: La Corde

Norwegian: Repet

Under Capricorn

German: Sklavin des Herzens

Italian: Il peccato di Lady Considine

French: Les Amants du Capricorne

Stage Fright

German: Die rote Lola

Italian: Paura in palcoscenico

French: Le Grand Alibi

Norwegian: Det store alibi

Strangers on a Train

German: Der Fremde im Zug
(Verschwörung im Nordexpress)

Italian: L'altro uomo

French: L'Inconnu du Nord-Express

Norwegian: Farlig reisefølge

I Confess

German: Ich beichte
(Zum Schweigen verurteilt)

Italian: Io confesso

French: La Loi du silence

Norwegian: Skriftemålet

Dial M for Murder

German: Bei Anruf Mord

Italian: Il delitto perfetto

French: Le crime était presque parfait

Norwegian: Ring politiet!

Rear Window

German: Das Fenster zum Hof

Italian: La finestra sul cortile

French: Fenêtre sur cour

Norwegian: Vinduet mot bakgården

To Catch a Thief

German: Über den Dächern von Nizza

Italian: Caccia al ladro

French: La Main au collet

Norwegian: Tyv fanger tyv

The Trouble with Harry

German: Immer Ärger mit Harry

Italian: La congiura degli innocenti

French: Mais qui a tué Harry

Norwegian: Men... Hvem drepte Harry?

The Man Who Knew Too Much

German: Der Mann, der zuviel wußte

Italian: L'uomo che sapeva troppo

French: L'Homme qui en savait trop

Norwegian: Mannen som visste for meget

The Wrong Man

German: Der falsche Mann

Italian: Il ladro

French: Le Faux Coupable

Norwegian: Feil mann


German: Aus dem Reich der Toten

Italian: La donna che visse due volte

French: Sueurs froides

Norwegian: Vertigo

North by Northwest

Italian: Intrigo internazionale

French: La Mort aux trousses

Norwegian: Med hjertet i halsen


German: Psycho

Italian: Psyco

French: Psychose

Norwegian: Psycho

The Birds

German: Die Vögel

Italian: Gli uccelli

French: Les Oiseaux

Norwegian: Fuglene


German: Marnie

Italian: Marnie

French: Pas de printemps pour Marnie

Norwegian: Marnie

Torn Curtain

German: Der zerissene Vorhang

Italian: Il sipario strappato

French: Le Rideau déchiré

Norwegian: Full alarm


German: Topas

Italian: Topaz

French: L'Étau

Norwegian: Topaz


German: Frenzy

Italian: Frenzy

French: Frenzy

Norwegian: Frenzy

Family Plot

German: Familiengrab

Italian: Complotto di famiglia

French: Complot de famille

Norwegian: Arven



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