Birds in Hitchcock's films


A flapping bird (white dove) in a fight scene in The Lady Vanishes. Birds are often representing horror or some kind of warning in Hitchcock's films.

The birds montage in Young and Innocent when the women sees the body on the beach


Young and Innocent

The First Bird Attack in The Birds

Bird Motif in Hitchcock's Films

Birds are often an ominous sign in Hitchcock's films and/or representatives of evil and horror.

The Lodger, 1926/1927  
Blackmail, 1929 Alice has a canary bird twittering ominously after the murder
Sabotage, 1936 The bomb is made in a bird shop.
"The birds will sing at 1:45"
Who Killed Cock Robin?
Young and Innocent, 1937/1938 When the two women see the body, they turn away and Hitchcock cuts to extreme close-ups of gulls and then back to the women again.
The Lady Vanishes, 1937/1938 A bird cage in the inn is seen right after the camera has entered through the window
Charters calls Miss Froy «a queer sort of bird» in the restaurant at the inn
When Droppo and Gilbert starts to fight there is a bird in front of the camera.
Saboteur, 1942 When Pat is begging her uncle to give up Barry, a bird is seen in the same frame.
Foreign Correspondent, 1940 Van Meer is talking a lot about birds.
To Catch a Thief, 1954/1955

Just before Hitchcock's cameo in To Catch a Thief, the camera pans from a lady with a bird in a cage to the infamous jewel thief John “The Cat” Robie (Cary Grant) and then Hitchcock.

Hitchcock cameo in To Catch a Thief

Vertigo, 1957/1958 Novak wears a Hummingbird pin on her lapel.
Psycho, 1959–60/1960 Norman Bates is stuffing birds.
Birds are predominant in the dialogue scene in Norman's office.
The Birds, 1962/1963 The birds are attacking.
Topaz, 1968-69/1969

Gulls are stealing the French loaf that the Cuban resistance people had hidden their cameras in. This reveals them to the Cuban militaries.

Family Plot, 1975/1976 Mrs "Rainbird" is the reason Blanche starts her investigation.



The Birds (1963)

The Birds was made in 1962 and released in 1963.



Tippi Hedren... Melanie Daniels (credited as 'Tippi' Hedren)
Suzanne Pleshette... Annie Hayworth
Rod Taylor... Mitch Brenner
Jessica Tandy... Lydia Brenner
Veronica Cartwright... Cathy Brenner
Ethel Griffies... Mrs. Bundy - Ornithologist
Charles McGraw... Sebastian Sholes - Fisherman in Diner
Doreen Lang... Hysterical Mother in Diner
Ruth McDevitt... Mrs. MacGruder - Pet Store Clerk
Joe Mantell... Traveling Salesman at Diner's Bar
Malcolm Atterbury... Deputy Al Malone
Karl Swenson... Drunken Doomsayer in Diner
Elizabeth Wilson... Helen Carter
Lonny Chapman... Deke Carter - Diner Owner
Doodles Weaver... Fisherman Helping with Rental Boat
John McGovern... Postal Clerk
Richard Deacon... Mitch's City Neighbor
Bill Quinn... Sam - Man in Diner (as William Quinn)


Cinema's most famous jump cuts?

The Scream in Hitchcock Films

The Lodger

One of The Avenger's victims.

The Ring

Screaming from fear and joy at the fairground.

The Birds

The silent scream in The Birds is maybe the most expressive of them all. Jessica Tandy in shock.


Prayer doesn't help Barbara Leigh-Hunt's character Mrs. Blaney in Frenzy when she meets the serial killer



Actors should be treated like cattle

There is a dreadful story that I hate actors. I can't imagine how such a rumor began. Of course it may possibly be because I was once quoted as saying that actors are cattle. My actor friends know I would never be capable of such a thoughtless, rude and unfeeling remark . . . What I probably said was that actors should be treated like cattle.
Alfred Hitchcock



The Birds (1963) title design

Hitchcock Titles The Birds

Hitchcock Titles The Birds

Hitchcock Titles The Birds

Title designer: James S. Pollack

Title design in Hitchcock's films


Aberrant Women Motif in Hitchcock's Movies

  • Alice (Blackmail)
  • Sylvia (Sabotage)
  • Lady Henrietta Flusky (Under Capricorn)
  • Marion Crane (Psycho)
  • Melanie Daniels (The Birds)
  • Marnie (Marnie)



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