Dogs in Hitchcock Movies

The Pleasure Garden

The dog named Cuddles is a recurring motif throughout the film being a reflection of the persons' state of mind or serving as a comment to what is happening

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Betty's dog runs out to cause the ski jumper falling

The 39 Steps

Three dogs are creating problems for the police when thy try to capture Hannay on the train

Secret Agent

Ashenden accidentally kicks Mr. Caypor's (Percy Marmont) dog in the hotel lobby.
When Mr Caypor is killed by the Peter Lorre character, the dog is whining in a very overplayed, melodramatic scene.

Young and Innocent

Erica's (Nova Pilbeam) dog is guarding Erica while Tisdall goes to look for Old Will.


Maxim de Winter (Laurence Olivier) has a dog called Jasper.

dog in Rebecca

The dog guarding Rebecca's room.

Foreign Correspondent

The leader of the Peace Party (Herbert Marshall ) has a grand danois
On the wall where the kidnappers are keeping Van Meer in London there is a painting of a dog


The blind man has a dog.

Strangers on a Train

The dog in the stairs creates suspense when Guy (Farley Granger) goes to talk to Bruno's father.

Rear Window

The dog finds something in the flowers and is killed by Thorwald (Raymond Burr).

The Birds

As Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) enters the pet shop, Hitch is leaving with two white Sealyham terriers.


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