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James Stewart suffering from fear of heights and Barbara Bel Geddes comforting him.

Vertigo was produced in 1957 and released in 1958



James Stewart... John 'Scottie' Ferguson
Kim Novak... Madeleine Elster / Judy Barton
Barbara Bel Geddes... Midge Wood
Tom Helmore... Gavin Elster
Henry Jones... Coroner
Raymond Bailey... Scottie's Doctor
Ellen Corby... Manager of McKittrick Hotel
Konstantin Shayne... Pop Leibel
Lee Patrick... Car Owner Mistaken for Madeleine

Vertigo titles

Titles designer: Saul Bass

"A lot of the work that I've done has been dubbed as "art" [...] I never intended it to be art [...] I tried to make a communication." (Saul Bass, TV documentary)

Bass also designed the titles for North by Northwest and Psycho.

Vertigo Quotes

Alfred Hitchcock Cameos

Foreign Correspondent

After John Jones (Joel McCrea) leaves his hotel, Hitchcock is seen wearing a coat and hat and reading a newspaper.

The Birds

As Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) enters the pet shop, Hitch is leaving with two white Sealyham terriers.

Family Plot

Hitchcock's silhouette is seen through the door of the Registrar of Births and Deaths.


Hitchcock is entering from the left of the hotel corridor after Tippi Hedren passes by.

The Lodger

Hitchcock is sitting at a desk in the newsroom.

Torn Curtain

Hitchcock is sitting in the lobby of Hotel d'Angleterre, Copenhagen, with a baby on his knee. He shifts the child from one knee to the other.

Shadow of a Doubt

Hitchcock Cameo in Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt: Hitchock's cameo on the train taking uncle Charlie to Santa Rosa.

The Paradine Case

Hitchcock is leaving the train at Cumberland Station, carrying a cello case. Gregory Peck is carrying the suitcase.


Hitchcock wearing a cowboy hat can be seen through the office window when Janet Leigh is entering.


Alfred Hitchcock is seen in a grey suit walking in the street outside Gavin Elsters company buildings.

Young and Innocent

Hitchcock is standing outside the courthouse, holding a camera.

Stage Fright

Hichcock is turning to look back at Jane Wyman in her disguise as Marlene Dietrich's maid.

The Wrong Man

Alfred Hitchcock introduces The Wrong Man in what is not a normal cameo appearence.

North by Northwest

Hitchcock too late for the bus at the end of the titles sequence.


Hitchcock is standing on the street outside a store, "Cut Rate Drugs".
Originally Hitchcock wanted to do a cameo with his secretary at the time, Carol Stevens, as deaf and dumb persons walking down the street. Then Hitchcock was to have made a presumably indecent proposal using sign language, resulting in the woman slapping him in the face.





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