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Under Capricorn

Under Capricorn was produced in 1948 and released in 1949.

Lady Henrietta: "I have no mirrors. I put them away years ago."
The Bank Manager: "Out here we let bygones be bygones, Sir."

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Hitchcock to Truffaut on the long takes in Rope and Under Capricorn

Skull in Under CapricornNo doubt about it; films must be cut. As an experiment, Rope may be forgiven, but it was definitely a mistake when I insisted on applying the same techniques to Under Capricorn.
Truffaut: Hitchcock

Hitchcock on Cotten in Under Capricorn

"Cotten wasn't the right type; Burt Lancaster would have been better."


Ingrid Bergman... Lady Henrietta Flusky
Joseph Cotten... Sam Flusky
Michael Wilding... Hon. Charles Adare
Margaret Leighton... Milly
Cecil Parker... The Governor
Denis O'Dea... Mr. Corrigan
Jack Watling... Winter
Harcourt Williams... The Coachman
John Ruddock... Mr. Potter
Bill Shine... Mr. Banks
Victor Lucas... The Rev. Smiley
Ronald Adam... Mr. Riggs
Francis De Wolff... Major Wilkins (as Francis de Wolff)
G.H. Mulcaster... Dr. Macallister

Olive Sloane... Sal
Maureen Delaney... Flo
Julia Lang... Susan
Betty McDermott... Martha

Hitchcock on Ingrid Bergman in Under Capricorn

I don't think I would have made the picture if it hadn't been for Ingrid Bergman. At that time she was the biggest star in America and all the American producers were competing for her services, and I must admit that I made the mistake of thinking that to get Bergman would be a tremendous feat; it was a victory over the rest of the industry, you see. That was bad thinking, and my behavior was almost infantile.
Alfred Hitchcock to Francois Truffaut



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