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The Trouble with Harry

Trouble With Harry

The Trouble with Harry was produced in 1954 and released in 1955.


Edmund Gwenn... Captain Albert Wiles
John Forsythe... Sam Marlowe
Mildred Natwick... Miss Ivy Gravely
Mildred Dunnock... Mrs. Wiggs
Jerry Mathers... Arnie Rogers
Royal Dano... Deputy Sheriff Calvin Wiggs
Parker Fennelly... Millionaire
Barry Macollum... Tramp
Dwight Marfield... Dr. Greenbow
Shirley MacLaine... Jennifer Rogers

Edmund Gwenn's Appearences in Hitchock's Films



Mr Hornblower

The Skin Game (1931)

Johann Strauss the Elder Waltzes from Vienna (1933)
Rowley Foreign Correspondent (1940):
In Foreign Correspondent Rowley (Edmund Gwenn) repeatedly tries to kill the hero Huntley Haverstock Haverstock (Joel McCrea). When Gwenn in a memorable scene tries to push Haverstock off the top of the Westminster Cathedral tower, Haverstock steps aside just in time and Rowley plunges to his death.

Captain Albert Wiles

The Trouble with Harry (1955)

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Some High Angle Shots


When Roddy (Ivor Novello) leaves the school after having been expelled, he is seen from above and looks small and depressed.

The 39 Steps When Professor Jordan (Godfrey Tearle) is trapped, we see the stage he is on in a high angle shot.

Secret Agent

When the organ player is found dead in the church, we see this from the bell towrer where Ashenden and the Mexican is hiding.


When Lisa has spoken with the detectives after Beaky's death

Shadow of a Doubt

The high shot from the roof in Philadelphia when uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotten) has tricked the detectives and escaped their surveillance. Here the high angle shot illustrates that uncle Charlie is in total control.
After little Charlie has read the article at the library confirming that her uncle is the Merry Widower Murderer, the camera moves up to the roof, leaves little Charlie "down there" - she is devastated as she slowly walks out

I Confess Father Logan (Montgomery Clift) is seen from a high angle when he is on his way to turn himself in.

Dial M for Murder

When Tony is telling Lesgate hos the murder plan is to be set out.
When Lesgate arrives the apartement.
When Tony is asked by the police if he knows who committed the murder.
When the detectives are searching the apartement
Just befor Tony enters the apartemenet at the end, Margo and Mark is seen from above.

The Trouble With Harry

When Sammy (John Forsythe) and Captain Albert Wiles (Edmund Gwenn) is digging to get Harry out of the ground.

The Birds A high angle shot of Bodega Bay occurs when the gulls descend on the town to attack.


When Kusenov is asked if he knows about the spy ring called Topaz, there are several high angle shots.


When Richard Blaney (Jon Finch) is put in his cell after the verdict has been read.
When Oxford is sitting alone in the courtroom thinking that they might have caught the wrong man.

Family Plot

When Fran and Adamson comes up from the cellar, they are seen from above (which includes the crystals in the frame)
During the funeral when Humley is following Maloney's mother to speak with her, we see this from a high angle.

High angle shots




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