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Alfred Hitchcock Themes

Alcohol in Hitchcock Films

Homosexuality in Hitchcock movies

The Murder in Alfred Hitchcock's Films

Voyeurism in Hitchcock

High Angle Shots in Hitchcock's Movies

Title design (opening credits)

The Scream in Alfred Hitchcock's films

Alfred Hitchcock: Murder! (1930): Prelude to Tristan und Isolde

The bird motif in Hitchcock's films


black people in Hitchsock films

Black people

Extreme Close-up Shots


Flashbacks in Hitchcock's Movies

Blackmail Theme Film in the film Newspapers
Costume Dramas Handicapped persons Serial Killers

Dogs in Hitchcock's Films


Shower Scene in Psycho

Double-exposure Murder in Psycho Strangulation
  Music in Hitchcock's Films Subjective Camera







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