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Strangulation motif in Hitchcock's films

Strangulation motif

The Lodger, 1926/1927  
Number Seventeen, 1931/1932 The bum is "strangled" in the bathroom by Sheldrake
Secret Agent, 1935/1936 The organ player in Langenthal is strangled.
Sabotage, 1936 The film the boy soon to be bombed is carrying is "Bartholomew the Strangler"
Young and Innocent, 1937/1938 Christine (Pamela Carme) is strangled with a rain coat belt.
The Lady Vanishes, 1937/1938  
Jamaica Inn, 1938/1939 The thiefs try to hang Jem suspecting him of stealing from the goods
Shadow of a Doubt, 1942/1943  
Notorious 1945-46/1946  
Rope 1948 David is killed with a rope.
Stage Fright, 1949/1950 The murderer (Jonathan) almost succeeds in strangling Eve Gill in the theatre.
Strangers on a Train, 1950/1951 Marion is strangled by Bruno.
Dial M for Murder, 1953/1954 Margo is almost strangled during the murder attempt.
Rear Window 1953/1954 Thorwald tries to strangle Jeff when they meet.
The Man Who Knew Too Much 1956  
Torn Curtain, 1965-66/1966  
Frenzy, 1971/1972 The rapist serial killer uses a necktie.

The Murder of Miriam in Strangers on a Train


Robert Walker (Bruno Antony) killing Miriam Joyce Haines. The murder is seen reflected in Miriam's glasses.






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