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Serial Killers in Alfred Hitchcock's Films

Bob Rusk, the rapist serial killer in Frenzy.

The serial killer was not a favourite motif for Alfred Hitchcock – quantitatively speaking – but the films in which they occur are all remarkable.

Serial Killers in Hitchcock Movies

The Lodger The Avenger is serial killer who targets young blonde women.
Shadow of a Doubt Uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotten) is a serial killer known as the "Merry Widow Murderer". He seduces, murders and robs wealthy widows.
Psycho When his mother found a lover, Norman Bates murdered both of them. He then stole his mother's corpse and preserved the body. He takes her identity and acts, talks, and dresses as she would. In the final scene, the sheriff mentions the unsolved disappearances of two other young girls.
Frenzy Bob Rusk (Barry Foster) is a fruit merchant who rapes and strangles women.





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