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The Ring

The Ring was made and released in 1927.
Production Company: British International Pictures

"There were all kinds of innovations in The Ring, and I remember that at the premiere an elaborate montage got a round of applause."
Alfred Hitchcock


Carl Brisson... 'One-Round' Jack Sander
Lilian Hall-Davis... The Girl (credited as Lilian Hall Davis)
Ian Hunter... Bob Corby
Forrester Harvey... James Ware (Bob Corby's Promoter)
Harry Terry... The Showman
Gordon Harker... Jack's Trainer

The Ring (1927)

The Ring (1927) Hitchcock title


The Ring

"The girl" (Lilian Hall-Davis) watches through a hole in the tent to see how her boyfriend is doing in the boxing ring.


Black people in Hitchcock's Films


In Marseille there is a black man among the sailors who says that Roddy (Ivor Novello) is "dotty – he’s seein’ things."

The Ring

At the fair people can throw balls on a black man to make him fall down. Two boys throw an egg at him, to the crowd's amusement.

One of the members of "One-Round" Jack's team is black.


The black servant brings a telegram to the father (Gordon Harker) who scorns him. He is extremely servile and walks around almost as a chimpanzee.

Gordon Harker Gordon Harker

A black man works as a bartender in the restaurant.

Young and Innocent

The killer (drummer man) performs in a band performing in blackface.

Shadow of a Doubt

When Charlie goes to Santa Rosa by train, the railroad porter is black.


Canada Lee in Alfred Hitchcock's "Lifeboat"

Canada Lee (1907–1952) as Joe Spencer.

Strangers on a Train

The senator's servant is black.


After Marnie steals from Rutland, and she is descending the stairs, a black man is seen on the left.


Philippe Dubois (Roscoe Lee Browne) takes the identity of a black journalist from Ebony, sneaks into the Cuban embassy, manages to take photos of some of the important documents and then runs away, chased by Cuban revolutionaries.

Family Plot

One of the FBI agents questioning Arthur Adamson in his jewel store.


The Scream in Hitchcock Films

The Lodger

One of The Avenger's victims.

The Ring

Screaming from fear and joy at the fairground.

The Birds

The silent scream in The Birds is maybe the most expressive of them all. Jessica Tandy in shock.


Prayer doesn't help Barbara Leigh-Hunt's character Mrs. Blaney in Frenzy when she meets the serial killer




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