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The Pleasure Garden

The Pleasure Garden, Alfred Hitchcock's first film as a director, was made in 1925, but not released until 1927.

Production Company: Emelka G. B. A. (most filmographies has Gainsborough as the production company)
Based on a novel by Oliver Sandys


Virginia Valli... Patsy Brand
Carmelita Geraghty... Jill Cheyne
Miles Mander... Levett
John Stuart... Hugh Fielding
Ferdinand Martini... Mr. Sidey (as Ferd Martini)
Florence Helminger... Mrs. Sidey
Georg H. Schnell... Oscar Hamilton (as George Snell)
Karl Falkenberg... Prince Ivan (as C. Falkenberg)

Bioscope Review, 25 March, 1926

"A powerful and interesting story, this has been well adapted to the screen, and admirable acting and masterly production all combine to make this a film of outstanding merit. The story is clearly and logically constructed, the subtitling is concise and to the point, and the dramatic interest is held to the last minute. The scene during Patsy's honeymoon on Lake Como, photographed by Baron Ventigmilia, present enchanting pictures and assist the dramatic appeal of the story. As Alfred Hitchcock's first production, this promises well for future efforts."
In Maurice Yacowar: Hitchcock's British Films, p. 281



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