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Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent was produced and released in 1940.

The Murder in Foreign Correspondent

Albert Bassermann as the fake Van Meer is assassinated on a broad flight of steps in Amsterdam. He is shot by a man disguised as a press photographer.




Joel McCrea... John Jones / Huntley Haverstock
Laraine Day... Carol Fisher
Herbert Marshall... Stephen Fisher
George Sanders... Ffolliott (in the film he insists that is it to be written with a minuscle f: "ffollliott")
Albert Bassermann... Van Meer (credited as Albert Basserman)
Robert Benchley... Stebbins
Edmund Gwenn... Rowley
Eduardo Ciannelli... Mr. Krug (credited as Eduardo Cianelli)
Harry Davenport... Mr. Powers
Martin Kosleck... Tramp
Frances Carson... Mrs. Sprague
Ian Wolfe... Stiles
Charles Wagenheim... Assassin
Eddie Conrad... Latvian (credited as Edward Conrad)
Charles Halton... Bradley
Barbara Pepper... Dorine
Emory Parnell... 'Mohican' Captain
Roy Gordon... Mr. Brood
Gertrude Hoffman... Mrs. Benson
Marten Lamont... Captain (credited as Martin Lamont)
Barry Bernard... Steward
Holmes Herbert... Assistant Commissioner
Leonard Mudie... McKenna
John Burton... English Announcer

Oscar Nominations for Foreign Correspondent

Fear of heights in Foreign Correspondent

Joel McCrea (Johnny Jones or: "Huntley Haverstock") on the windmill.



Edmund Gwenn's Appearences in Hitchock's Films



Mr Hornblower

The Skin Game (1931)

Johann Strauss the Elder Waltzes from Vienna (1933)
Rowley Foreign Correspondent (1940):
In Foreign Correspondent Rowley (Edmund Gwenn) repeatedly tries to kill the hero Huntley Haverstock Haverstock (Joel McCrea). When Gwenn in a memorable scene tries to push Haverstock off the top of the Westminster Cathedral tower, Haverstock steps aside just in time and Rowley plunges to his death.

Captain Albert Wiles

The Trouble with Harry (1955)

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